Synonyms for loss

Synonyms for (noun) loss

Synonyms: loss

Definition: the act of losing someone or something

Usage: everyone expected him to win so his loss was a shock

Similar words: failure

Definition: an act that fails

Usage: his failure to pass the test

Synonyms: deprivation, loss

Definition: the disadvantage that results from losing something

Usage: his loss of credibility led to his resignation; losing him is no great deprivation

Similar words: disadvantage

Definition: the quality of having an inferior or less favorable position

Synonyms: loss

Definition: the experience of losing a loved one

Usage: he sympathized on the loss of their grandfather

Similar words: experience

Definition: an event as apprehended

Usage: a surprising experience; that painful experience certainly got our attention

Synonyms: loss, exit, expiration, going, passing, release, departure

Definition: euphemistic expressions for death

Usage: thousands mourned his passing

Similar words: death, decease, expiry

Definition: the event of dying or departure from life

Usage: her death came as a terrible shock; upon your decease the capital will pass to your grandchildren

Synonyms: personnel casualty, loss

Definition: military personnel lost by death or capture

Similar words: casualty

Definition: a decrease of military personnel or equipment

Synonyms: loss, red, red ink

Definition: the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue

Usage: the company operated at a loss last year; the company operated in the red last year

Similar words: sum, sum of money, amount, amount of money

Definition: a quantity of money

Usage: he borrowed a large sum; the amount he had in cash was insufficient

Synonyms: loss

Definition: something that is lost

Usage: the car was a total loss; loss of livestock left the rancher bankrupt

Similar words: transferred possession, transferred property

Definition: a possession whose ownership changes or lapses

Synonyms: loss

Definition: gradual decline in amount or activity

Usage: weight loss; a serious loss of business

Similar words: decline, diminution

Definition: change toward something smaller or lower

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