Synonyms for lustreless

Synonyms for (adj) lustreless

Synonyms: lusterless, lustreless, lackluster, lacklustre

Definition: lacking luster or shine

Usage: staring with lackluster eyes; lusterless hair

Similar words: dull

Definition: emitting or reflecting very little light

Usage: a dull glow; dull silver badly in need of a polish; a dull sky

Synonyms: lackluster, lacklustre, lusterless, lustreless

Definition: lacking brilliance or vitality

Usage: a dull lackluster life; a lusterless performance

Similar words: dull

Definition: lacking in liveliness or animation

Usage: he was so dull at parties; a dull political campaign; a large dull impassive man; dull days with nothing to do; how dull and dreary the world is; fell back into one of her dull moods

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