Synonyms for mindless

Synonyms for (adj) mindless

Synonyms: mindless

Definition: requiring little mental effort

Usage: mindless tasks

Similar words: nonintellectual

Definition: not intellectual

Synonyms: mindless

Definition: lacking the thinking capacity characteristic of a conscious being

Usage: the shrieking of the mindless wind

Similar words: nonmeaningful, meaningless

Definition: having no meaning or direction or purpose

Usage: a meaningless endeavor; a meaningless life; a verbose but meaningless explanation

Synonyms: reasonless, mindless, senseless

Definition: not marked by the use of reason

Usage: mindless violence; reasonless hostility; a senseless act

Similar words: unreasonable

Definition: not reasonable; not showing good judgment

Synonyms: mindless, unmindful, forgetful

Definition: not mindful or attentive

Usage: while thus unmindful of his steps he stumbled- G.B.Shaw

Similar words: amnesiac, amnesic

Definition: suffering from a partial loss of memory

Synonyms: mindless, inane, asinine, fatuous, vacuous

Definition: devoid of intelligence

Similar words: foolish

Definition: devoid of good sense or judgment

Usage: foolish remarks; a foolish decision

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