Synonyms for moot

Synonyms for (noun) moot

Synonyms: moot

Definition: a hypothetical case that law students argue as an exercise

Usage: he organized the weekly moot

Similar words: lawsuit, case, causa, cause, suit

Definition: a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy

Usage: the family brought suit against the landlord

Synonyms for (verb) moot

Synonyms: debate, deliberate, consider, moot, turn over

Definition: think about carefully; weigh

Usage: They considered the possibility of a strike; Turn the proposal over in your mind

Similar words: discuss, talk over, hash out

Definition: speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion

Usage: We discussed our household budget

Synonyms for (adj) moot

Synonyms: disputable, debatable, arguable, moot

Definition: open to argument or debate

Usage: that is a moot question

Similar words: controversial

Definition: marked by or capable of arousing controversy

Usage: the issue of the death penalty is highly controversial; Rushdie's controversial book; a controversial decision on affirmative action

Synonyms: moot

Definition: of no legal significance (as having been previously decided)

Similar words: irrelevant

Definition: having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue

Usage: an irrelevant comment; irrelevant allegations

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