Synonyms for mountainous

Synonyms for (adj) mountainous

Synonyms: mountainous

Definition: containing many mountains

Similar words: upland, highland

Definition: used of high or hilly country

Synonyms: mountainous

Definition: like a mountain in size and impressiveness

Usage: mountainous waves; a mountainous dark man

Similar words: large, big

Definition: above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent

Usage: a large city; set out for the big city; a large sum; a big (or large) barn; a large family; big businesses; a big expenditure; a large number of newspapers; a big group of scientists; large areas of the world

Synonyms: hilly, mountainous, cragged, craggy

Definition: having hills and crags

Usage: hilly terrain

Similar words: unsmooth, rough

Definition: having or caused by an irregular surface

Usage: trees with rough bark; rough ground; rough skin; rough blankets; his unsmooth face

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