Synonyms for narrow-minded

Synonyms for (adj) narrow-minded

Synonyms: narrow, narrow-minded

Definition: lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view

Usage: a brilliant but narrow-minded judge; narrow opinions

Similar words: close-minded, closed-minded

Definition: not ready to receive to new ideas

Similar words: dogmatic, dogmatical

Definition: characterized by assertion of unproved or unprovable principles

Similar words: illiberal, intolerant

Definition: narrow-minded about cherished opinions

Similar words: opinionated, opinionative, self-opinionated

Definition: obstinate in your opinions

Similar words: small-minded, petty

Definition: contemptibly narrow in outlook

Usage: petty little comments; disgusted with their small-minded pettiness

Synonyms: narrow-minded

Definition: rigidly adhering to a particular sect or its doctrines

Similar words: sectarian

Definition: belonging to or characteristic of a sect

Usage: a sectarian mind; the negations of sectarian ideology- Sidney Hook; sectarian squabbles in psychology

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