Synonyms for occasional

Synonyms for (adj) occasional

Synonyms: periodic, occasional

Definition: recurring or reappearing from time to time

Usage: periodic feelings of anxiety

Similar words: sporadic

Definition: recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances

Usage: a city subjected to sporadic bombing raids

Synonyms: occasional

Definition: occurring from time to time

Usage: took an occasional glass of wine

Similar words: infrequent

Definition: not frequent; not occurring regularly or at short intervals

Usage: infrequent outbursts of temper

Synonyms: episodic, occasional

Definition: occurring or appearing at usually irregular intervals

Usage: episodic in his affections; occasional headaches

Similar words: unpredictable

Definition: not capable of being foretold

Synonyms: occasional, casual

Definition: occurring from time to time

Usage: casual employment; a casual correspondence with a former teacher; an occasional worker

Similar words: irregular

Definition: contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice

Usage: irregular hiring practices

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