Synonyms for override

Synonyms for (noun) override

Synonyms: nullification, override

Definition: the act of nullifying; making null and void; counteracting or overriding the effect or force of something

Similar words: change of state

Definition: the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics

Synonyms: override

Definition: a manually operated device to correct the operation of an automatic device

Similar words: device

Definition: an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose

Usage: the device is small enough to wear on your wrist; a device intended to conserve water

Synonyms for (verb) override

Synonyms: overthrow, overturn, override, overrule, reverse

Definition: rule against

Usage: The Republicans were overruled when the House voted on the bill

Similar words: decree, rule

Definition: decide with authority

Usage: The King decreed that all firstborn males should be killed

Synonyms: override

Definition: ride (a horse) too hard

Similar words: ride, sit

Definition: sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions

Usage: She never sat a horse!; Did you ever ride a camel?; The girl liked to drive the young mare

Synonyms: override

Definition: counteract the normal operation of (an automatic gear shift in a vehicle)

Similar words: counteract, counterbalance, countervail, neutralize

Definition: oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions

Usage: This will counteract the foolish actions of my colleagues

Synonyms: override

Definition: prevail over

Usage: health considerations override financial concerns

Similar words: predominate, prevail, reign, dominate, rule

Definition: be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance

Usage: Money reigns supreme here; Hispanics predominate in this neighborhood

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