Synonyms for paid

Synonyms for (adj) paid

Synonyms: paid

Definition: marked by the reception of pay

Usage: paid work; a paid official; a paid announcement; a paid check

Similar words: cashed

Definition: for which money has been paid

Usage: a cashed check

Similar words: compensable, paying, salaried, stipendiary, remunerative

Definition: for which money is paid

Usage: a paying job; remunerative work; salaried employment; stipendiary services

Similar words: remunerated, compensated, stipendiary, salaried

Definition: receiving or eligible for compensation

Usage: salaried workers; a stipendiary magistrate

Similar words: free-lance, freelance, mercenary

Definition: serving for wages in a foreign army

Usage: mercenary killers

Similar words: paid-up

Definition: paid in advance

Usage: paid-up insurance; paid-up members

Similar words: post-free

Definition: postpaid

Similar words: postpaid, prepaid

Definition: used especially of mail; paid in advance

Similar words: reply-paid

Definition: with cost of reply prepaid by sender

Usage: reply-paid postcard; reply-paid envelope

Similar words: square

Definition: leaving no balance

Usage: my account with you is now all square

Synonyms: nonrecreational, paid

Definition: involving gainful employment in something often done as a hobby

Similar words: professional

Definition: engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood

Usage: the professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications; began her professional career after the Olympics; professional theater; professional football; a professional cook; professional actors and athletes

Synonyms: paid, paying, gainful

Definition: yielding a fair profit

Similar words: profitable

Definition: yielding material gain or profit

Usage: profitable speculation on the stock market

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