Synonyms for passable

Synonyms for (adj) passable

Synonyms: passable

Definition: able to be passed or traversed or crossed

Usage: the road is passable

Similar words: navigable

Definition: able to be sailed on or through safely

Usage: navigable waters; a navigable channel

Similar words: negotiable

Definition: capable of being passed or negotiated

Usage: a negotiable road

Similar words: climbable, surmountable

Definition: capable of being surmounted

Similar words: travelable, traversable

Definition: capable of being traversed

Usage: highway crews soon had the roads travelable

Synonyms: fair to middling, tolerable, adequate, passable

Definition: about average; acceptable

Usage: more than adequate as a secretary

Similar words: satisfactory

Definition: giving satisfaction

Usage: satisfactory living conditions; his grades were satisfactory

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