Synonyms for passive

Synonyms for (noun) passive

Synonyms: passive, passive voice

Definition: the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is the recipient (not the source) of the action denoted by the verb

Usage: `The ball was thrown by the boy' uses the passive voice; `The ball was thrown' is an abbreviated passive

Similar words: voice

Definition: (linguistics) the grammatical relation (active or passive) of the grammatical subject of a verb to the action that the verb denotes

Synonyms for (adj) passive

Synonyms: inactive, passive

Definition: lacking in energy or will

Usage: Much benevolence of the passive order may be traced to a disinclination to inflict pain upon oneself- George Meredith

Similar words: hands-off

Definition: not involving participation or intervention

Usage: a hands-off foreign policy

Similar words: resistless, unresisting, supine

Definition: offering no resistance

Usage: resistless hostages; No other colony showed such supine, selfish helplessness in allowing her own border citizens to be mercilessly harried- Theodore Roosevelt

Synonyms: peaceful, passive

Definition: peacefully resistant in response to injustice

Usage: passive resistance

Similar words: nonviolent

Definition: abstaining (on principle) from the use of violence

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