Synonyms for pity

Synonyms for (noun) pity

Synonyms: compassion, pity

Definition: the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it

Similar words: mercifulness, mercy

Definition: a disposition to be kind and forgiving

Usage: in those days a wife had to depend on the mercifulness of her husband

Synonyms: pity, shame

Definition: an unfortunate development

Usage: it's a pity he couldn't do it

Similar words: misfortune, bad luck

Definition: unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event

Synonyms: commiseration, ruth, pathos, pity

Definition: a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others

Usage: the blind are too often objects of pity

Similar words: sympathy, fellow feeling

Definition: sharing the feelings of others (especially feelings of sorrow or anguish)

Synonyms for (verb) pity

Synonyms: sympathize with, feel for, pity, condole with, compassionate

Definition: share the suffering of

Similar words: grieve, sorrow

Definition: feel grief

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