Synonyms for preceding

Synonyms for (adj) preceding

Synonyms: preceding

Definition: existing or coming before

Similar words: above

Definition: appearing earlier in the same text

Usage: flaws in the above interpretation

Similar words: above-mentioned, above-named

Definition: mentioned or named earlier in the same text

Similar words: foregoing

Definition: especially of writing or speech; going before

Similar words: prefatorial, prefatory, introductory

Definition: serving as an introduction or preface

Similar words: precedent

Definition: preceding in time, order, or significance

Similar words: premedical

Definition: preceding and preparing for the study of medicine

Usage: premedical courses

Similar words: preparative, preparatory, propaedeutic

Definition: preceding and preparing for something

Usage: preparatory steps

Similar words: previous, old

Definition: just preceding something else in time or order

Usage: the previous owner; my old house was larger

Synonyms: past, preceding, retiring

Definition: of a person who has held and relinquished a position or office

Usage: a retiring member of the board

Similar words: outgoing

Definition: leaving a place or a position

Usage: an outgoing steamship

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