Synonyms for pressing

Synonyms for (noun) pressing

Synonyms: press, pressing, pressure

Definition: the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure

Usage: he gave the button a press; he used pressure to stop the bleeding; at the pressing of a button

Similar words: push, pushing

Definition: the act of applying force in order to move something away

Usage: he gave the door a hard push; the pushing is good exercise

Synonyms: pressing

Definition: a metal or plastic part that is made by a mechanical press

Similar words: part, portion

Definition: something less than the whole of a human artifact

Usage: the rear part of the house; glue the two parts together

Synonyms for (adj) pressing

Synonyms: urgent, pressing

Definition: compelling immediate action

Usage: too pressing to permit of longer delay; the urgent words `Hurry! Hurry!'; bridges in urgent need of repair

Similar words: imperative

Definition: requiring attention or action

Usage: as nuclear weapons proliferate, preventing war becomes imperative; requests that grew more and more imperative

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