Synonyms for professional

Synonyms for (noun) professional

Synonyms: master, professional

Definition: an authority qualified to teach apprentices

Similar words: authority

Definition: an expert whose views are taken as definitive

Usage: he is an authority on corporate law

Synonyms: professional, professional person

Definition: a person engaged in one of the learned professions

Similar words: adult, grownup

Definition: a fully developed person from maturity onward

Synonyms: pro, professional

Definition: an athlete who plays for pay

Similar words: athlete, jock

Definition: a person trained to compete in sports

Synonyms for (adj) professional

Synonyms: professional

Definition: engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood

Usage: the professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications; began her professional career after the Olympics; professional theater; professional football; a professional cook; professional actors and athletes

Similar words: nonrecreational, paid

Definition: involving gainful employment in something often done as a hobby

Similar words: professed

Definition: professing to be qualified

Usage: a professed philosopher

Synonyms: professional

Definition: engaged in by members of a profession

Usage: professional occupations include medicine and the law and teaching

Similar words: white-collar

Definition: of or designating salaried professional or clerical work or workers

Usage: the coal miner's son aspired to a white-collar occupation as a bookkeeper

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