Synonyms for reputable

Synonyms for (adj) reputable

Synonyms: reputable

Definition: having a good reputation

Usage: a reputable business; a reputable scientist; a reputable wine

Similar words: prestigious, honored, esteemed

Definition: having an illustrious reputation; respected

Usage: our esteemed leader; a prestigious author

Similar words: estimable, respectable, honorable, good

Definition: deserving of esteem and respect

Usage: all respectable companies give guarantees; ruined the family's good name

Similar words: redoubtable

Definition: worthy of respect or honor

Usage: born of a redoubtable family

Similar words: respected, well-thought-of

Definition: receiving deferential regard

Usage: a respected family

Similar words: time-honored, time-honoured

Definition: acceptable for a long time

Usage: time-honored customs

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