Synonyms for resolute

Synonyms for (adj) resolute

Synonyms: resolute, unhesitating

Definition: characterized by quickness and firmness

Usage: his reply was unhesitating

Similar words: decisive

Definition: characterized by decision and firmness

Usage: an able and decisive young woman; we needed decisive leadership; she gave him a decisive answer

Synonyms: resolute

Definition: firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination

Usage: stood resolute against the enemy; faced with a resolute opposition; a resolute and unshakeable faith

Similar words: dead set, bent, bent on, out to

Definition: fixed in your purpose

Usage: bent on going to the theater; dead set against intervening; out to win every event

Similar words: determined

Definition: characterized by great determination

Usage: a struggle against a determined enemy

Similar words: do-or-die, desperate

Definition: desperately determined

Usage: do-or-die revolutionaries; a do-or-die conflict

Similar words: unbendable, unfaltering, steadfast, steady, stiff, unshakable, unwavering, firm

Definition: marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable

Usage: firm convictions; a firm mouth; steadfast resolve; a man of unbendable perseverence; unwavering loyalty

Similar words: foursquare

Definition: characterized by firm and unwavering conviction

Usage: a foursquare refusal to yield

Similar words: hell-bent

Definition: recklessly determined

Usage: hell-bent on winning

Similar words: resolved, single-minded

Definition: determined

Usage: she was firmly resolved to be a doctor; single-minded in his determination to stop smoking

Similar words: spartan

Definition: resolute in the face of pain or danger or adversity

Usage: spartan courage

Similar words: stalwart, stout

Definition: dependable

Usage: the stalwart citizens at Lexington; a stalwart supporter of the UN; stout hearts

Similar words: undaunted, undismayed, unshaken

Definition: unshaken in purpose

Usage: wholly undismayed by the commercial failure of the three movies he had made

Similar words: undeterred, undiscouraged

Definition: not deterred

Usage: pursued his own path...undeterred by lack of popular appreciation and understanding- Osbert Sitwell

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