Synonyms for retrograde

Synonyms for (verb) retrograde

Synonyms: regress, retrograde, retrogress

Definition: get worse or fall back to a previous condition

Similar words: worsen, decline

Definition: grow worse

Usage: Conditions in the slum worsened

Synonyms: rehash, retrograde, hash over

Definition: go back over

Usage: retrograde arguments

Similar words: recap, recapitulate

Definition: summarize briefly

Usage: Let's recapitulate the main ideas

Synonyms: retreat, retrograde

Definition: move back

Usage: The glacier retrogrades

Similar words: retire, retreat, pull away, pull back, recede, withdraw, draw back, move back

Definition: pull back or move away or backward

Usage: The enemy withdrew; The limo pulled away from the curb

Synonyms: retrograde

Definition: move in a direction contrary to the usual one

Usage: retrograding planets

Similar words: go, locomote, travel, move

Definition: change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically

Usage: How fast does your new car go?; We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus; The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect; The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell; news travelled fast

Synonyms: retrograde

Definition: move backward in an orbit, of celestial bodies

Similar words: revolve, orb, orbit

Definition: move in an orbit

Usage: The moon orbits around the Earth; The planets are orbiting the sun; electrons orbit the nucleus

Synonyms for (adj) retrograde

Synonyms: retral, retrograde

Definition: moving or directed or tending in a backward direction or contrary to a previous direction

Similar words: backward

Definition: directed or facing toward the back or rear

Usage: a backward view

Synonyms: retrograde, retrogressive

Definition: going from better to worse

Similar words: regressive

Definition: opposing progress; returning to a former less advanced state

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