Synonyms for revived

Synonyms for (adj) revived

Synonyms: reanimated, revived

Definition: given fresh life or vigor or spirit

Usage: stirred by revived hopes

Similar words: animated, alive

Definition: having life or vigor or spirit

Usage: an animated and expressive face; animated conversation; became very animated when he heard the good news

Synonyms: revived

Definition: restored to consciousness or life or vigor

Usage: felt revived hope

Similar words: recrudescent

Definition: the revival of an unfortunate situation after a period of abatement

Usage: the patient presented with a case of recrudescent gastralgia

Similar words: redux

Definition: brought back

Usage: the Victorian era redux; `Rabbit Redux' by John Updike

Similar words: renewed

Definition: restored to a new condition

Usage: felt renewed strength

Similar words: renascent, resurgent

Definition: rising again as to new life and vigor

Usage: resurgent nationalism

Similar words: resuscitated

Definition: restored to life or consciousness

Similar words: revitalised, revitalized

Definition: restored to new life and vigor

Usage: a revitalized economy; a revitalized inner-city neighborhood

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