Synonyms for sac

Synonyms for (noun) sac

Synonyms: sac

Definition: a structure resembling a bag in an animal

Similar words: cavity, cavum, bodily cavity

Definition: (anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body

Synonyms: Sauk, Sac

Definition: a member of the Algonquian people formerly living in Wisconsin in the Fox River valley and on the shores of Green Bay

Similar words: Algonquian, Algonquin

Definition: a member of any of the North American Indian groups speaking an Algonquian language and originally living in the subarctic regions of eastern Canada; many Algonquian tribes migrated south into the woodlands from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic coast

Synonyms: sac, theca

Definition: a case or sheath especially a pollen sac or moss capsule

Similar words: cover, covering, natural covering

Definition: a natural object that covers or envelops

Usage: under a covering of dust; the fox was flushed from its cover

Synonyms: pocket, pouch, sac, sack

Definition: an enclosed space

Usage: the trapped miners found a pocket of air

Similar words: enclosed space, cavity

Definition: space that is surrounded by something

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