Synonyms for saltation

Synonyms for (noun) saltation

Synonyms: leap, leaping, spring, saltation, bounce, bound

Definition: a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards

Similar words: jump, jumping

Definition: the act of jumping; propelling yourself off the ground

Usage: he advanced in a series of jumps; the jumping was unexpected

Synonyms: saltation, terpsichore, dance, dancing

Definition: taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music

Similar words: diversion, recreation

Definition: an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates

Usage: scuba diving is provided as a diversion for tourists; for recreation he wrote poetry and solved crossword puzzles; drug abuse is often regarded as a form of recreation

Similar words: performing arts

Definition: arts or skills that require public performance

Synonyms: leap, jump, saltation

Definition: an abrupt transition

Usage: a successful leap from college to the major leagues

Similar words: transition

Definition: a change from one place or state or subject or stage to another

Synonyms: saltation

Definition: (genetics) a mutation that drastically changes the phenotype of an organism or species

Similar words: chromosomal mutation, mutation, genetic mutation

Definition: (genetics) any event that changes genetic structure; any alteration in the inherited nucleic acid sequence of the genotype of an organism

Synonyms: saltation

Definition: (geology) the leaping movement of sand or soil particles as they are transported in a fluid medium over an uneven surface

Similar words: natural action, natural process, action, activity

Definition: a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

Usage: the action of natural forces; volcanic activity

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