Synonyms for scoop

Synonyms for (noun) scoop

Synonyms: scoop

Definition: a large ladle

Usage: he used a scoop to serve the ice cream

Similar words: ladle

Definition: a spoon-shaped vessel with a long handle; frequently used to transfer liquids from one container to another

Synonyms: scoop, scoop shovel

Definition: the shovel or bucket of a dredge or backhoe

Similar words: shovel

Definition: a hand tool for lifting loose material; consists of a curved container or scoop and a handle

Synonyms: soap, scoop, max, liquid ecstasy, Georgia home boy, goop, grievous bodily harm, easy lay

Definition: street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate

Similar words: gamma hydroxybutyrate, GHB

Definition: a club drug available in liquid or powder form is taken orally (frequently combined with alcohol); used to incapacitate individuals for the commission of sexual assault and rape

Synonyms: scoop, exclusive

Definition: a news report that is reported first by one news organization

Usage: he got a scoop on the bribery of city officials

Similar words: account, report, write up, news report, story

Definition: a short account of the news

Usage: the report of his speech; the story was on the 11 o'clock news; the account of his speech that was given on the evening news made the governor furious

Synonyms: scoop, scoopful

Definition: the quantity a scoop will hold

Similar words: containerful

Definition: the quantity that a container will hold

Synonyms: scoop, pocket

Definition: a hollow concave shape made by removing something

Similar words: incurvation, incurvature, concave shape, concavity

Definition: a shape that curves or bends inward

Synonyms for (verb) scoop

Synonyms: scoop, trump, outdo, outflank, best

Definition: get the better of

Usage: the goal was to best the competition

Similar words: trounce, crush, vanquish, shell, beat, beat out

Definition: come out better in a competition, race, or conflict

Usage: Agassi beat Becker in the tennis championship; We beat the competition; Harvard defeated Yale in the last football game

Synonyms: take up, scoop, scoop out, scoop up, lift out

Definition: take out or up with or as if with a scoop

Usage: scoop the sugar out of the container

Similar words: remove, withdraw, take, take away

Definition: remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract

Usage: remove a threat; remove a wrapper; Remove the dirty dishes from the table; take the gun from your pocket; This machine withdraws heat from the environment

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