Synonyms for shadow

Synonyms for (noun) shadow

Synonyms: shadow

Definition: refuge from danger or observation

Usage: he felt secure in his father's shadow

Similar words: resort, recourse, refuge

Definition: something or someone turned to for assistance or security

Usage: his only recourse was the police; took refuge in lying

Synonyms: apparition, shadow, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, fantasm

Definition: something existing in perception only

Usage: a ghostly apparition at midnight

Similar words: illusion, semblance

Definition: an erroneous mental representation

Synonyms: tincture, trace, shadow, vestige

Definition: an indication that something has been present

Usage: there wasn't a trace of evidence for the claim; a tincture of condescension

Similar words: indicant, indication

Definition: something that serves to indicate or suggest

Usage: an indication of foul play; indications of strain; symptoms are the prime indicants of disease

Synonyms: shadow

Definition: a premonition of something adverse

Usage: a shadow over his happiness

Similar words: foreboding, boding, premonition, presentiment

Definition: a feeling of evil to come

Usage: a steadily escalating sense of foreboding; the lawyer had a presentiment that the judge would dismiss the case

Synonyms: shadow, dark, darkness

Definition: an unilluminated area

Usage: he moved off into the darkness

Similar words: scene

Definition: the place where some action occurs

Usage: the police returned to the scene of the crime

Synonyms: shadow

Definition: an inseparable companion

Usage: the poor child was his mother's shadow

Similar words: follower

Definition: someone who travels behind or pursues another

Synonyms: tail, shadow, shadower

Definition: a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements

Similar words: follower

Definition: someone who travels behind or pursues another

Similar words: spy

Definition: a secret watcher; someone who secretly watches other people

Usage: my spies tell me that you had a good time last night

Synonyms: shadow

Definition: a dominating and pervasive presence

Usage: he received little recognition working in the shadow of his father

Similar words: presence

Definition: the state of being present; current existence

Usage: he tested for the presence of radon

Synonyms: shadow

Definition: shade within clear boundaries

Similar words: shade, shadiness, shadowiness

Definition: relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body

Usage: it is much cooler in the shade; there's too much shadiness to take good photographs

Synonyms for (verb) shadow

Synonyms: shadow

Definition: follow, usually without the person's knowledge

Usage: The police are shadowing her

Similar words: follow

Definition: to travel behind, go after, come after

Usage: The ducklings followed their mother around the pond; Please follow the guide through the museum

Synonyms: dwarf, shadow, overshadow

Definition: make appear small by comparison

Usage: This year's debt dwarfs that of last year

Similar words: dominate, overlook, overtop, command

Definition: look down on

Usage: The villa dominates the town

Synonyms: shade, shade off, shadow

Definition: cast a shadow over

Similar words: darken

Definition: make dark or darker

Usage: darken a room

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