Synonyms for sitter

Synonyms for (noun) sitter

Synonyms: brood hen, broody, broody hen, setting hen, sitter

Definition: a domestic hen ready to brood

Similar words: biddy, hen

Definition: adult female chicken

Synonyms: artist's model, sitter

Definition: a person who poses for a painter or sculptor

Similar words: model, poser

Definition: a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor

Usage: the president didn't have time to be a model so the artist worked from photos

Synonyms: sitter, baby-sitter, babysitter

Definition: a person engaged to care for children when the parents are not home

Similar words: keeper

Definition: someone in charge of other people

Usage: am I my brother's keeper?

Synonyms: sitter

Definition: an organism (person or animal) that sits

Similar words: organism, being

Definition: a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently

Synonyms: Sitter, Willem de Sitter

Definition: Dutch astronomer who calculated the size of the universe and suggested that it is expanding (1872-1934)

Similar words: stargazer, uranologist, astronomer

Definition: a physicist who studies astronomy