Synonyms for slippy

Synonyms for (adj) slippy

Synonyms: slippery, slippy

Definition: causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide

Usage: slippery sidewalks; a slippery bar of soap; the streets are still slippy from the rain

Similar words: lubricious

Definition: having a smooth or slippery quality

Usage: the skin of cephalopods is thin and lubricious

Similar words: nonstick

Definition: (of surfaces especially of cooking utensils) permitting easy removal of adherent food particles

Usage: a frying pan with a nonstick surface

Similar words: slick

Definition: made slick by e.g. ice or grease

Usage: sidewalks slick with ice; roads are slickest when rain has just started and hasn't had time to wash away the oil

Similar words: sliding

Definition: being a smooth continuous motion

Similar words: slimed, slimy

Definition: covered with or resembling slime

Usage: a slimy substance covered the rocks

Similar words: slipping, slithering

Definition: moving as on a slippery surface

Usage: his slipping and slithering progress over the ice

Similar words: slithery

Definition: having a slippery surface or quality

Usage: slithery mud; slithery eels

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