Synonyms for slow

Synonyms for (verb) slow

Synonyms: retard, slow, slow down, slow up, decelerate

Definition: lose velocity; move more slowly

Usage: The car decelerated

Similar words: fall, lessen, diminish, decrease

Definition: decrease in size, extent, or range

Usage: The amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester; The cabin pressure fell dramatically; her weight fell to under a hundred pounds; his voice fell to a whisper

Synonyms: slack, slacken, slow, slow down, slow up

Definition: become slow or slower

Usage: Production slowed

Similar words: weaken

Definition: become weaker

Usage: The prisoner's resistance weakened after seven days

Synonyms: slow, slow down, slow up

Definition: cause to proceed more slowly

Usage: The illness slowed him down

Similar words: retard, slow, slow down, slow up, decelerate

Definition: lose velocity; move more slowly

Usage: The car decelerated

Synonyms for (adj) slow

Synonyms: dull, slow, sluggish

Definition: (of business) not active or brisk

Usage: business is dull (or slow); a sluggish market

Similar words: inactive

Definition: lacking activity; lying idle or unused

Usage: an inactive mine; inactive accounts; inactive machinery

Synonyms: dim, dense, dull, dumb, obtuse, slow

Definition: slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity

Usage: so dense he never understands anything I say to him; never met anyone quite so dim; although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick- Thackeray; dumb officials make some really dumb decisions; he was either normally stupid or being deliberately obtuse; worked with the slow students

Similar words: stupid

Definition: lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity

Synonyms: slow

Definition: not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time

Usage: a slow walker; the slow lane of traffic; her steps were slow; he was slow in reacting to the news; slow but steady growth

Similar words: bumper-to-bumper

Definition: used of traffic

Usage: bumper-to-bumper traffic

Similar words: dilatory, pokey, poky, laggard

Definition: wasting time

Similar words: drawn-out

Definition: (used of speech) uttered slowly with prolonged vowels

Similar words: lazy

Definition: moving slowly and gently

Usage: up a lazy river; lazy white clouds; at a lazy pace

Similar words: long-play, long-playing

Definition: (used of records) playing at a slower speed and for a longer time than earlier records

Similar words: slow-moving

Definition: moving slowly

Usage: slow-moving cars

Similar words: sluggish, sulky

Definition: moving slowly

Usage: a sluggish stream

Synonyms: slow

Definition: at a slow tempo

Usage: the band played a slow waltz

Similar words: adagio

Definition: (of tempo) leisurely

Similar words: andante

Definition: (of tempo) moderately slow

Similar words: lento

Definition: (of tempo) slow

Similar words: lentissimo

Definition: (of tempo) very slow

Similar words: largo

Definition: very slow in tempo and broad in manner

Similar words: larghetto

Definition: (of tempo) less slow and broad than largo

Similar words: larghissimo

Definition: (of tempo) as slow and broad as possible

Similar words: moderato

Definition: (of tempo) moderate

Synonyms: tiresome, tedious, irksome, boring, ho-hum, slow, dull, deadening, wearisome

Definition: so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

Usage: a boring evening with uninteresting people; the deadening effect of some routine tasks; a dull play; his competent but dull performance; a ho-hum speaker who couldn't capture their attention; what an irksome task the writing of long letters is- Edmund Burke; tedious days on the train; the tiresome chirping of a cricket- Mark Twain; other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome

Similar words: uninteresting

Definition: arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement

Usage: a very uninteresting account of her trip

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