Synonyms for smell

Synonyms for (noun) smell

Synonyms: smell, smelling

Definition: the act of perceiving the odor of something

Similar words: sensing, perception

Definition: becoming aware of something via the senses

Synonyms: aroma, scent, smell, odor, odour, olfactory property

Definition: any property detected by the olfactory system

Similar words: property

Definition: a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class

Usage: a study of the physical properties of atomic particles

Synonyms: sense of smell, smell, olfaction, olfactory modality

Definition: the faculty that enables us to distinguish scents

Similar words: sense modality, sensory system, modality

Definition: a particular sense

Similar words: exteroception

Definition: sensitivity to stimuli originating outside of the body

Synonyms: odor, odour, olfactory perception, olfactory sensation, smell

Definition: the sensation that results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in gaseous form

Usage: she loved the smell of roses

Similar words: esthesis, sensation, sense datum, sense experience, sense impression, aesthesis

Definition: an unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation

Usage: a sensation of touch

Synonyms: look, feel, feeling, flavor, flavour, tone, smell, spirit

Definition: the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

Usage: the feel of the city excited him; a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting; it had the smell of treason

Similar words: ambiance, ambience, atmosphere

Definition: a particular environment or surrounding influence

Usage: there was an atmosphere of excitement

Synonyms for (verb) smell

Synonyms: sense, smell, smell out

Definition: become aware of not through the senses but instinctively

Usage: I sense his hostility; i smell trouble; smell out corruption

Similar words: perceive

Definition: become conscious of

Usage: She finally perceived the futility of her protest

Synonyms: smell

Definition: emit an odor

Usage: The soup smells good

Similar words: cause to be perceived

Definition: have perceptible qualities

Synonyms: smell

Definition: smell bad

Usage: He rarely washes, and he smells

Similar words: smell

Definition: emit an odor

Usage: The soup smells good

Synonyms: smell

Definition: inhale the odor of; perceive by the olfactory sense

Similar words: comprehend, perceive

Definition: to become aware of through the senses

Usage: I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon

Synonyms: smack, smell, reek

Definition: have an element suggestive (of something)

Usage: his speeches smacked of racism; this passage smells of plagiarism

Similar words: paint a picture, evoke, suggest

Definition: call to mind

Usage: this remark evoked sadness

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