Synonyms for sour

Synonyms for (noun) sour

Synonyms: sour, sourness, acidity

Definition: the property of being acidic

Similar words: taste property

Definition: a property appreciated via the sense of taste

Synonyms: tartness, sour, sourness

Definition: the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

Similar words: taste, taste perception, taste sensation, gustatory perception, gustatory sensation

Definition: the sensation that results when taste buds in the tongue and throat convey information about the chemical composition of a soluble stimulus

Usage: the candy left him with a bad taste; the melon had a delicious taste

Synonyms: sour

Definition: a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar

Similar words: cocktail

Definition: a short mixed drink

Synonyms for (verb) sour

Synonyms: ferment, work, sour, turn

Definition: go sour or spoil

Usage: The milk has soured; The wine worked; The cream has turned--we have to throw it out

Similar words: turn, change state

Definition: undergo a transformation or a change of position or action

Usage: We turned from Socialism to Capitalism; The people turned against the President when he stole the election

Synonyms: acetify, acidify, acidulate, sour

Definition: make sour or more sour

Similar words: change taste

Definition: alter the flavor of

Synonyms for (adj) sour

Synonyms: rancid, sour

Definition: smelling of fermentation or staleness

Similar words: unpleasant-smelling, stinky, ill-smelling, malodorous, malodourous

Definition: having an unpleasant smell

Synonyms: dark, dour, glowering, glum, saturnine, sour, sullen, moody, morose

Definition: showing a brooding ill humor

Usage: a dark scowl; the proverbially dour New England Puritan; a glum, hopeless shrug; he sat in moody silence; a morose and unsociable manner; a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius- Bruce Bliven; a sour temper; a sullen crowd

Similar words: ill-natured

Definition: having an irritable and unpleasant disposition

Synonyms: off-key, false, sour

Definition: inaccurate in pitch

Usage: a false (or sour) note; her singing was off key

Similar words: unharmonious, inharmonious

Definition: not in harmony

Synonyms: sour

Definition: having a sharp biting taste

Similar words: acerb, acerbic, astringent

Definition: sour or bitter in taste

Similar words: acetose, acetous, vinegarish, vinegary

Definition: tasting or smelling like vinegar

Similar words: acid, acidic, acidulent, acidulous

Definition: being sour to the taste

Similar words: sourish, lemonlike, lemony, tangy, tart

Definition: tasting sour like a lemon

Similar words: subacid

Definition: slightly sour to the taste

Synonyms: sour, turned, off

Definition: in an unpalatable state

Usage: sour milk

Similar words: soured

Definition: having turned bad

Synonyms: sour

Definition: one of the four basic taste sensations; like the taste of vinegar or lemons

Similar words: tasty

Definition: pleasing to the sense of taste

Usage: a tasty morsel

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