Synonyms for spanking

Synonyms for (noun) spanking

Synonyms: spanking

Definition: the act of slapping on the buttocks

Usage: he gave the brat a good spanking

Similar words: discipline, correction

Definition: the act of punishing

Usage: the offenders deserved the harsh discipline they received

Synonyms for (adj) spanking

Synonyms: rattling, alert, spanking, snappy, zippy, brisk, merry, lively

Definition: quick and energetic

Usage: a brisk walk in the park; a lively gait; a merry chase; traveling at a rattling rate; a snappy pace; a spanking breeze

Similar words: energetic

Definition: possessing or exerting or displaying energy

Usage: an energetic fund raiser for the college; an energetic group of hikers; it caused an energetic chemical reaction

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