Synonyms for splendid

Synonyms for (adj) splendid

Synonyms: glorious, splendid, splendiferous, resplendent

Definition: having great beauty and splendor

Usage: a glorious spring morning; a glorious sunset; splendid costumes; a kind of splendiferous native simplicity

Similar words: beautiful

Definition: delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration

Usage: a beautiful child; beautiful country; a beautiful painting; a beautiful theory; a beautiful party

Synonyms: magnificent, glorious, brilliant, splendid

Definition: characterized by grandeur

Usage: the brilliant court life at Versailles; a glorious work of art; magnificent cathedrals; the splendid coronation ceremony

Similar words: impressive

Definition: making a strong or vivid impression

Usage: an impressive ceremony

Synonyms: splendid, first-class, excellent, fantabulous

Definition: very good;of the highest quality

Usage: made an excellent speech; the school has excellent teachers; a first-class mind

Similar words: superior

Definition: of high or superior quality or performance

Usage: superior wisdom derived from experience; superior math students

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