Synonyms for squish

Synonyms for (noun) squish

Synonyms: squish

Definition: the noise of soft mud being walked on

Similar words: noise

Definition: sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound)

Usage: he enjoyed the street noises; they heard indistinct noises of people talking; during the firework display that ended the gala the noise reached 98 decibels

Synonyms for (verb) squish

Synonyms: squish

Definition: put (a liquid) into a container or another place by means of a squirting action

Similar words: squirt

Definition: wet with a spurt of liquid

Usage: spurt the wall with water

Synonyms: slop, slosh, splash, splosh, squelch, squish

Definition: walk through mud or mire

Usage: We had to splosh across the wet meadow

Similar words: tramp, trudge, plod, pad, slog, footslog

Definition: walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

Usage: Mules plodded in a circle around a grindstone

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