Synonyms for stunned

Synonyms for (adj) stunned

Synonyms: dazed, stunned, stupefied, stupid

Definition: in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock

Usage: he had a dazed expression on his face; lay semiconscious, stunned (or stupefied) by the blow; was stupid from fatigue

Similar words: confused

Definition: mentally confused; unable to think with clarity or act intelligently

Usage: the flood of questions left her bewildered and confused

Synonyms: stunned, out, kayoed, knocked out, KO'd

Definition: knocked unconscious by a heavy blow

Similar words: unconscious

Definition: not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead

Usage: lay unconscious on the floor

Synonyms: stunned, astonied, astonished, astounded, amazed

Definition: filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock

Usage: an amazed audience gave the magician a standing ovation; I stood enthralled, astonished by the vastness and majesty of the cathedral; astounded viewers wept at the pictures from the Oklahoma City bombing; stood in stunned silence; stunned scientists found not one but at least three viruses

Similar words: surprised

Definition: taken unawares or suddenly and feeling wonder or astonishment

Usage: surprised by her student's ingenuity; surprised that he remembered my name; a surprised expression

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