Synonyms for tramontane

Synonyms for (noun) tramontane

Synonyms: tramontana, tramontane

Definition: a cold dry wind that blows south out of the mountains into Italy and the western Mediterranean

Similar words: north wind, norther, northerly, boreas

Definition: a wind that blows from the north

Synonyms for (adj) tramontane

Synonyms: tramontane, transmontane

Definition: on or coming from the other side of the mountains (from the speaker)

Usage: the transmontane section of the state; tramontane winds

Similar words: transalpine, ultramontane

Definition: on or relating to or characteristic of the region or peoples beyond the Alps from Italy (or north of the Alps)

Usage: ancient transalpine Gaul was an area northwest of the Alps and included modern France and Belgium; Cracow was a transalpine university

Synonyms: tramontane

Definition: being or coming from another country

Usage: tramontane influences

Similar words: strange, foreign

Definition: relating to or originating in or characteristic of another place or part of the world

Usage: foreign nations; a foreign accent; on business in a foreign city

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