Synonyms for troubled

Synonyms for (adj) troubled

Synonyms: riotous, troubled, tumultuous, turbulent, disruptive

Definition: characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination

Usage: effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive; riotous times; these troubled areas; the tumultuous years of his administration; a turbulent and unruly childhood

Similar words: unquiet

Definition: characterized by unrest or disorder

Usage: unquiet days of riots; following the assassination of Martin Luter King ours was an unquiet nation; spent an unquiet night tossing and turning

Synonyms: troubled

Definition: characterized by or indicative of distress or affliction or danger or need

Usage: troubled areas; fell into a troubled sleep; a troubled expression; troubled teenagers

Similar words: harassed, harried, pestered, vexed, annoyed

Definition: troubled persistently especially with petty annoyances

Usage: harassed working mothers; a harried expression; her poor pestered father had to endure her constant interruptions; the vexed parents of an unruly teenager

Similar words: anxious, uneasy, queasy, unquiet, nervous

Definition: causing or fraught with or showing anxiety

Usage: spent an anxious night waiting for the test results; cast anxious glances behind her; those nervous moments before takeoff; an unquiet mind

Similar words: storm-tossed, tempest-swept, tempest-tossed, tempest-tost, buffeted

Definition: pounded or hit repeatedly by storms or adversities

Similar words: careful

Definition: full of cares or anxiety

Usage: Thou art careful and troubled about many things-Luke 10.41

Similar words: care-laden, heavy-laden

Definition: burdened by cares

Usage: all ye that labor and are heavy-laden-Matt.11:28

Similar words: clouded

Definition: made troubled or apprehensive or distressed in appearance

Usage: his face was clouded with unhappiness

Similar words: distressed, disturbed, disquieted, upset, worried

Definition: afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief

Usage: too upset to say anything; spent many disquieted moments; distressed about her son's leaving home; lapsed into disturbed sleep; worried parents; a worried frown; one last worried check of the sleeping children

Similar words: hard put, hard-pressed, in a bad way, distressed

Definition: facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty

Usage: distressed companies need loans and technical advice; financially hard-pressed Mexican hotels are lowering their prices; we were hard put to meet the mortgage payment; found themselves in a bad way financially

Similar words: fraught

Definition: marked by distress

Usage: a fraught mother-daughter relationship

Similar words: tormented, hag-ridden, hagridden

Definition: tormented or harassed by nightmares or unreasonable fears

Usage: visions of an imminent heaven or hell upon earth- C.S.Lewis

Similar words: haunted

Definition: showing emotional affliction or disquiet

Usage: her expression became progressively more haunted

Similar words: mothy

Definition: infested with moths

Similar words: stressed, distressed

Definition: suffering severe physical strain or distress

Usage: he dropped out of the race, clearly distressed and having difficulty breathing

Similar words: struggling

Definition: engaged in a struggle to overcome especially poverty or obscurity

Usage: a financially struggling theater; struggling artists

Similar words: suffering

Definition: troubled by pain or loss

Usage: suffering refugees

Similar words: troublous

Definition: full of trouble

Usage: these are troublous times

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