Synonyms for truckle

Synonyms for (noun) truckle

Synonyms: truckle, truckle bed, trundle, trundle bed

Definition: a low bed to be slid under a higher bed

Similar words: bed

Definition: a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep

Usage: he sat on the edge of the bed; the room had only a bed and chair

Synonyms for (verb) truckle

Synonyms: fawn, suck up, toady, truckle, bootlick, kotow, kowtow

Definition: try to gain favor by cringing or flattering

Usage: He is always kowtowing to his boss

Similar words: blandish, flatter

Definition: praise somewhat dishonestly

Synonyms: truckle

Definition: yield to out of weakness

Similar words: yield, soften, relent

Definition: give in, as to influence or pressure

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