Synonyms for trust

Synonyms for (noun) trust

Synonyms: trust, trustfulness, trustingness

Definition: the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others

Usage: the experience destroyed his trust and personal dignity

Similar words: trait

Definition: a distinguishing feature of your personal nature

Synonyms: trust, reliance

Definition: certainty based on past experience

Usage: he wrote the paper with considerable reliance on the work of other scientists; he put more trust in his own two legs than in the gun

Similar words: certainty

Definition: the state of being certain

Usage: his certainty reassured the others

Synonyms: trust, faith

Definition: complete confidence in a person or plan etc

Usage: he cherished the faith of a good woman; the doctor-patient relationship is based on trust

Similar words: belief

Definition: any cognitive content held as true

Synonyms: corporate trust, cartel, combine, trust

Definition: a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service

Usage: they set up the trust in the hope of gaining a monopoly

Similar words: pool, syndicate, consortium

Definition: an association of companies for some definite purpose

Synonyms: trust

Definition: something (as property) held by one party (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary)

Usage: he is the beneficiary of a generous trust set up by his father

Similar words: holding, property, belongings

Definition: something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone

Usage: that hat is my property; he is a man of property;

Synonyms: trust, confidence

Definition: a trustful relationship

Usage: he took me into his confidence; he betrayed their trust

Similar words: friendly relationship, friendship

Definition: the state of being friends (or friendly)

Synonyms for (verb) trust

Synonyms: swear, trust, rely, bank

Definition: have confidence or faith in

Usage: We can trust in God; Rely on your friends; bank on your good education; I swear by my grandmother's recipes

Similar words: believe

Definition: accept as true; take to be true

Usage: I believed his report; We didn't believe his stories from the War; She believes in spirits

Synonyms: trust, believe

Definition: be confident about something

Usage: I believe that he will come back from the war

Similar words: anticipate, expect

Definition: regard something as probable or likely

Usage: The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow

Synonyms: hope, trust, desire

Definition: expect and wish

Usage: I trust you will behave better from now on; I hope she understands that she cannot expect a raise

Similar words: wish

Definition: hope for; have a wish

Usage: I wish I could go home now

Synonyms: trust

Definition: extend credit to

Usage: don't trust my ex-wife; I won't pay her debts anymore

Similar words: loan, lend

Definition: give temporarily; let have for a limited time

Usage: I will lend you my car; loan me some money

Synonyms: entrust, intrust, trust, confide, commit

Definition: confer a trust upon

Usage: The messenger was entrusted with the general's secret; I commit my soul to God

Similar words: hand, give, reach, pass, pass on, turn over

Definition: place into the hands or custody of

Usage: hand me the spoon, please; Turn the files over to me, please; He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers

Synonyms: trust

Definition: allow without fear

Similar words: let, countenance, permit, allow

Definition: consent to, give permission

Usage: She permitted her son to visit her estranged husband; I won't let the police search her basement; I cannot allow you to see your exam

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