Synonyms for turned

Synonyms for (adj) turned

Synonyms: sour, turned, off

Definition: in an unpalatable state

Usage: sour milk

Similar words: soured

Definition: having turned bad

Synonyms: turned

Definition: moved around an axis or center

Similar words: upside-down, inverted

Definition: being in such a position that top and bottom are reversed

Usage: a quotation mark is sometimes called an inverted comma; an upside-down cake

Similar words: upset, upturned, overturned

Definition: having been turned so that the bottom is no longer the bottom

Usage: an overturned car; the upset pitcher of milk; sat on an upturned bucket

Similar words: reversed

Definition: turned inside out and resewn

Usage: the reversed collar looked as good as new

Similar words: revolved, rotated

Definition: turned in a circle around an axis

Similar words: inside-out, wrong-side-out

Definition: with the inside surface on the outside

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