Synonyms for tweak

Synonyms for (noun) tweak

Synonyms: pinch, tweak

Definition: a squeeze with the fingers

Similar words: squeeze, squeezing

Definition: the act of gripping and pressing firmly

Usage: he gave her cheek a playful squeeze

Synonyms for (verb) tweak

Synonyms: fine-tune, tweak

Definition: adjust finely

Usage: fine-tune the engine

Similar words: tune, tune up

Definition: adjust for (better) functioning

Usage: tune the engine

Synonyms: pick off, pull off, pluck, tweak

Definition: pull or pull out sharply

Usage: pluck the flowers off the bush

Similar words: pull, force, draw

Definition: cause to move by pulling

Usage: draw a wagon; pull a sled

Synonyms: tweak

Definition: pinch or squeeze sharply

Similar words: nip, tweet, twinge, twitch, pinch, squeeze

Definition: squeeze tightly between the fingers

Usage: He pinched her behind; She squeezed the bottle

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