Synonyms for unalterable

Synonyms for (adjective) unalterable

Synonyms: unalterable, changeless

Definition: remaining the same for indefinitely long times

Similar words: unchangeable

Definition: not changeable or subject to change

Usage: a fixed and unchangeable part of the germ plasm-Ashley Montagu; the unchangeable seasons; one of the unchangeable facts of life

Synonyms: unalterable

Definition: of a sentence; that cannot be changed

Usage: an unalterable death sentence

Similar words: incommutable

Definition: not subject to alteration or change

Synonyms: unalterable, inalterable

Definition: not capable of being changed or altered

Usage: unalterable resolve; an unalterable ground rule

Similar words: incurable

Definition: unalterable in disposition or habits

Usage: an incurable optimist

Similar words: final, last

Definition: not to be altered or undone

Usage: the judge's decision is final; the arbiter will have the last say