Synonyms for unattractive

Synonyms for (adj) unattractive

Synonyms: unattractive

Definition: lacking beauty or charm

Usage: as unattractive as most mining regions

Similar words: homely, plain

Definition: lacking in physical beauty or proportion

Usage: a homely child; several of the buildings were downright homely; a plain girl with a freckled face

Similar words: subfusc

Definition: devoid of brightness or appeal

Usage: a subfusc mining town; dark subfusc clothing

Similar words: unprepossessing, unpresentable

Definition: creating an unfavorable or neutral first impression

Synonyms: unattractive

Definition: lacking power to arouse interest

Usage: being unemployed is a most unattractive prospect

Similar words: unappealing

Definition: not able to attract favorable attention

Usage: they have made the place as unappealing as possible; was forced to talk to his singularly unappealing hostess

Synonyms: unattractive, untempting

Definition: not appealing to the senses

Usage: untempting food

Similar words: uninviting

Definition: neither attractive nor tempting

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