Synonyms for uncontrolled

Synonyms for (adj) uncontrolled

Synonyms: uncontrolled

Definition: not being under control; out of control

Usage: the greatest uncontrolled health problem is AIDS; uncontrolled growth

Similar words: lawless, anarchic, anarchical

Definition: without law or control

Usage: the system is economically inefficient and politically anarchic

Similar words: errant

Definition: uncontrolled motion that is irregular or unpredictable

Usage: an errant breeze

Similar words: uncontrollable, irrepressible

Definition: impossible to repress or control

Usage: an irrepressible chatterbox; uncontrollable laughter

Similar words: loose

Definition: (of a ball in sport) not in the possession or control of any player

Usage: a loose ball

Similar words: lordless, masterless

Definition: having no lord or master

Usage: harsh punishments for sturdy vagabonds and masterless men

Similar words: rampant

Definition: unrestrained and violent

Usage: rampant aggression

Similar words: runaway

Definition: completely out of control

Usage: runaway inflation

Similar words: torrential

Definition: resembling a torrent in force and abundance

Usage: torrential applause; torrential abuse; the torrential facility and fecundity characteristic of his style- Winthrop Sargeant

Similar words: undisciplined, ungoverned

Definition: lacking in discipline or control

Usage: undisciplined behavior; ungoverned youth

Similar words: wild

Definition: deviating widely from an intended course

Usage: a wild bullet; he threw a wild pitch

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