Synonyms for undisciplined

Synonyms for (adj) undisciplined

Synonyms: undisciplined, ungoverned

Definition: lacking in discipline or control

Usage: undisciplined behavior; ungoverned youth

Similar words: uncontrolled

Definition: not being under control; out of control

Usage: the greatest uncontrolled health problem is AIDS; uncontrolled growth

Synonyms: uncorrected, undisciplined

Definition: not subjected to correction or discipline

Usage: let her children grow up uncorrected

Similar words: unpunished

Definition: not punished

Usage: would he forget the crime and let it go unpunished?

Synonyms: undisciplined

Definition: not subjected to discipline

Usage: undisciplined talent

Similar words: untrained

Definition: not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training

Usage: an untrained voice; untrained troops; young minds untrained in the habit of concentration

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