Synonyms for unfriendly

Synonyms for (adj) unfriendly

Synonyms: unfriendly

Definition: not disposed to friendship or friendliness

Usage: an unfriendly coldness of manner; an unfriendly action to take

Similar words: scowling, beetle-browed

Definition: sullen or unfriendly in appearance

Similar words: chilly

Definition: lacking warmth of feeling

Usage: a chilly greeting

Similar words: uncordial

Definition: lacking warmth or friendliness

Usage: looked uncordial as we approached

Similar words: unneighborly, unneighbourly

Definition: not exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor

Synonyms: hostile, uncongenial, unfriendly

Definition: very unfavorable to life or growth

Usage: a hostile climate; an uncongenial atmosphere; an uncongenial soil; the unfriendly environment at high altitudes

Similar words: inhospitable

Definition: unfavorable to life or growth

Usage: the barren inhospitable desert; inhospitable mountain areas

Synonyms: unfriendly, inimical

Definition: not friendly

Usage: an unfriendly act of aggression; an inimical critic

Similar words: hostile

Definition: characterized by enmity or ill will

Usage: a hostile nation; a hostile remark; hostile actions

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