Synonyms for uninhabited

Synonyms for (adj) uninhabited

Synonyms: uninhabited

Definition: not having inhabitants; not lived in

Usage: an uninhabited island; gaping doors of uninhabited houses

Similar words: abandoned, derelict, deserted

Definition: forsaken by owner or inhabitants

Usage: weed-grown yard of an abandoned farmhouse

Similar words: depopulated

Definition: having lost inhabitants as by war or disease

Usage: the 15th century plagues left vast areas of Europe depopulated

Similar words: unoccupied, untenanted

Definition: not leased to or occupied by a tenant

Usage: an unoccupied apartment; very little unclaimed and untenanted land

Similar words: unpopulated, unpeopled

Definition: with no people living there

Usage: vast unpopulated plains

Similar words: unfrequented, lonely, solitary

Definition: devoid of creatures

Usage: a lonely crossroads; a solitary retreat; a trail leading to an unfrequented lake

Similar words: unsettled

Definition: not yet settled

Usage: unsettled territory

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