Synonyms for unintended

Synonyms for (adj) unintended

Synonyms: unintended

Definition: not deliberate

Similar words: accidental, inadvertent

Definition: happening by chance or unexpectedly or unintentionally

Usage: with an inadvertent gesture she swept the vase off the table; accidental poisoning; an accidental shooting

Similar words: uncaused, causeless, fortuitous

Definition: having no cause or apparent cause

Usage: a causeless miracle; fortuitous encounters--strange accidents of fortune; we cannot regard artistic invention as...uncaused and unrelated to the times

Similar words: unwitting, unintentional, unplanned

Definition: not done with purpose or intent

Usage: an unintended slight; an unintentional pun; the offense was unintentional; an unwitting mistake may be overlooked

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