Synonyms for uninterested

Synonyms for (adj) uninterested

Synonyms: uninterested

Definition: having no care or interest in knowing

Usage: she appeared totally uninterested

Similar words: incurious

Definition: showing absence of intellectual inquisitiveness or natural curiosity

Usage: strangely incurious about the cause of the political upheaval surrounding them

Synonyms: uninterested

Definition: not having or showing interest

Usage: an uninterested spectator

Similar words: apathetic, indifferent

Definition: marked by a lack of interest

Usage: an apathetic audience; the universe is neither hostile nor friendly; it is simply indifferent

Similar words: blase, bored

Definition: uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence

Usage: his blase indifference; a petulant blase air; the bored gaze of the successful film star

Similar words: dismissive

Definition: showing indifference or disregard

Usage: a dismissive shrug; the firm is dismissive of the competitor's product; 'chronic fatigue syndrome' was known by the dismissive term 'housewife syndrome'

Similar words: dulled, benumbed

Definition: having lost or been caused to lose interest because of overexposure

Usage: the mind of the audience is becoming dulled; the benumbed intellectual faculties can no longer respond

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