Synonyms for united

Synonyms for (adj) united

Synonyms: joined, united

Definition: of or relating to two people who are married to each other

Similar words: married

Definition: joined in matrimony

Usage: a married man; a married couple

Synonyms: united

Definition: characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity

Usage: presented a united front

Similar words: agreed, in agreement

Definition: united by being of the same opinion

Usage: agreed in their distrust of authority

Similar words: allied, confederate, confederative

Definition: united in a confederacy or league

Similar words: consolidated, fused, coalesced, amalgamate, amalgamated

Definition: joined together into a whole

Usage: United Industries; the amalgamated colleges constituted a university; a consolidated school

Similar words: coalescent, coalescing

Definition: growing together, fusing

Usage: coalescent tradititions; coalescent bones

Similar words: cohesive

Definition: cohering or tending to cohere; well integrated

Usage: a cohesive organization

Similar words: conjugate, conjugated, coupled

Definition: joined together especially in a pair or pairs

Similar words: conjunct

Definition: bound in close association

Usage: conjunct influences; conjunct ideas

Similar words: federate, federated

Definition: united under a central government

Similar words: unified, incorporate, incorporated, integrated, merged

Definition: formed or united into a whole

Similar words: in league

Definition: (usually followed by `with') united in effort as if in a league

Usage: they found out that some policemen were in league with the criminals

Similar words: unitary, one

Definition: having the indivisible character of a unit

Usage: a unitary action; spoke with one voice

Similar words: suprasegmental

Definition: pertaining to a feature of speech that extends over more than a single speech sound

Similar words: tied

Definition: bound together by or as if by a strong rope; especially as by a bond of affection

Usage: people tied by blood or marriage

Similar words: undivided

Definition: not parted by conflict of opinion

Usage: presented an undivided front

Similar words: unpartitioned

Definition: not divided by partitions

Similar words: nonsegmental, unsegmented

Definition: having a body that is not divided into segments

Usage: unsegmented worms

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