Synonyms for unofficial

Synonyms for (adj) unofficial

Synonyms: unofficial

Definition: not having official authority or sanction

Usage: a sort of unofficial mayor; an unofficial estimate; he participated in an unofficial capacity

Similar words: summary, drumhead

Definition: performed speedily and without formality

Usage: a summary execution; summary justice

Similar words: loose, informal

Definition: not officially recognized or controlled

Usage: an informal agreement; a loose organization of the local farmers

Similar words: unauthorised, unauthorized, wildcat

Definition: without official authorization

Usage: an unauthorized strike; wildcat work stoppage

Similar words: unsanctioned

Definition: without explicit official permission

Usage: unsanctioned use of company cars

Synonyms: unofficial

Definition: not officially established

Usage: the early election returns are unofficial

Similar words: unconfirmed

Definition: not finally established or settled

Usage: an unconfirmed letter of credit; unconfirmed rumors

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