Synonyms for unproductive

Synonyms for (adj) unproductive

Synonyms: unproductive

Definition: not producing desired results

Usage: the talks between labor and management were unproductive

Similar words: uneffective, ineffective, ineffectual

Definition: not producing an intended effect

Usage: an ineffective teacher; ineffective legislation

Synonyms: unproductive

Definition: not producing or capable of producing

Usage: elimination of high-cost or unproductive industries

Similar words: vain, fruitless, futile, bootless, sleeveless

Definition: unproductive of success

Usage: a fruitless search; futile years after her artistic peak; a sleeveless errand; a vain attempt

Similar words: dry

Definition: unproductive especially of the expected results

Usage: a dry run; a mind dry of new ideas

Similar words: nonproductive

Definition: not directly productive

Usage: nonproductive labor

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