Synonyms for unsound

Synonyms for (adj) unsound

Synonyms: unsound

Definition: of e.g. advice

Similar words: undependable, unreliable

Definition: not worthy of reliance or trust

Usage: in the early 1950s computers were large and expensive and unreliable; an undependable assistant

Synonyms: bad, unsound, unfit

Definition: physically unsound or diseased

Usage: has a bad back; a bad heart; bad teeth; an unsound limb; unsound teeth

Similar words: unhealthy

Definition: not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind

Usage: unhealthy ulcers

Synonyms: mentally ill, unsound, unstable

Definition: suffering from severe mental illness

Usage: of unsound mind

Similar words: insane

Definition: afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement

Usage: was declared insane; insane laughter

Synonyms: unsound

Definition: not sound financially

Usage: unsound banking practices

Similar words: high-risk, risky, speculative, bad

Definition: not financially safe or secure

Usage: a bad investment; high risk investments; anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky; speculative business enterprises

Similar words: long

Definition: involving substantial risk

Usage: long odds

Similar words: wildcat

Definition: outside the bounds of legitimate or ethical business practices

Usage: wildcat currency issued by irresponsible banks; wildcat stock speculation; a wildcat airline; wildcat life insurance schemes

Synonyms: unsound

Definition: not in good condition; damaged or decayed

Usage: an unsound foundation

Similar words: corroded

Definition: eaten away as by acid or oxidation

Similar words: decayed, rotted, rotten

Definition: damaged by decay; hence unsound and useless

Usage: rotten floor boards; rotted beams; a decayed foundation

Synonyms: unsound, fallacious

Definition: containing or based on a fallacy

Usage: fallacious reasoning; an unsound argument

Similar words: invalid

Definition: having no cogency or legal force

Usage: invalid reasoning; an invalid driver's license

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